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Sustainable packaging

Nowadays, packaging is a must. Our modern society imposes many requirements on the packagings in terms of safety, comfort, efficiency, recognition and marketing. However, the packaging is a burden for producers, consumers and the environment. As more and more people are becoming conscious customers, materials for production packaging, production methods and creation process, all of these would have to change in order to minimise the impact to the society and to our planet. So, it is right time to consider quantity of materials, energy needed to produce the packaging, its transport, and  waste and pollution connected to this process. While cooperating with us, you can be assured that all social, economic and environmental aspects had been investigated and lead to cost reduction. Our team strives to the sustainable growth through:
  • Packaging design: to create eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, our professionals  are analysing every aspect of Your packaging
  • Recycling: Pack Plast is recycling over 96% of the waste produced from our own manufacturing process
- Broadening our knowledge: we try to find and use new materials and solutions leading to environmentally- friendly improvement of the production