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Our Company

About Pack Plast


Why us?

Choosing Pack Plast guarantees that work is done by a team of experienced professionals who continuously look for new solutions to create the best packaging on the market both in terms of shape, functionality, and return on your investment.

Whatever the scope of your need, we provide you with a complete solution which enhances perception of your products on the shelves.


We are fully committed to every project whether you just need an ordinary food container, clamshell packaging or advancedmouldsfor the health care industry. Quality of the product execution, solution innovation and your satisfaction are most important to us.


Pack Plast was formed in 1990 as a family business with 50 m2 workplace, with only 1 Illing themoforming machine and two devoted employees. Since then thanks to our clients, the company has grown significantly. Today, our workplace is 2000 m2  and we employ 12 people.

Our company

Pack Plast is a private business, situated in Warsaw. We are available 5 days a week, 24 hours. At the company we use a fully automatic and semiautomatic  production line. The company is ISO 9001 certified. We cooperate with transport companies and warehouses to provide fast and efficient delivery if needed.

Contact us and enhance the power of customer attention to your products!