Product Design

New Packaging Design

It is based on co-creating assumptions and requirements with the client, which we verify during the preparation of the prototype and its implementation into series production. The process includes:

Working on a conception:

We start by developing initial concepts, based on the client’s defined needs.

We select and improve the best concept, taking into account design and functional requirements.

Design and visualization:

Using CAD and CAM tools, we draw a design (visualization) taking into account all parameters.

Concept visualization allows the client to see the planned end result of the work.

Prototype development:

We make trial pieces of packaging.

Prototypes are tested for functionality and practicality.

Delivering ready-made solutions:

After accepting the prototypes, we start creating a complete production tool.

We are ready to produce the agreed product in the expected quantities.

Mass production:

The latest thermoforming technologies allow for cost reduction and delivery of elements consistent with market requirements.


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